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Flume Mining at Gem Valley

Gold Panning A child panning for gems

Come mine in our flumes for precious and semi-precious stones of all kinds!

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How to mine in our flumes at Gem Valley:

  1. Push the larger stones aside and gather smaller stones into a pile at the center of your screen-shaker. Or if you are panning for gold, pile your gold-dirt into your pan.
  2. Gradually move your screen-shaker or gold-pan in a circular motion in the water. The swirling action removes the dirt from screen-shaker and leaves behind the stones. Gem Valley staff will be available to help you with this process.
  3. Rinse your stones and rub them under the running water in the flumes. Repeat this process until no more dirt is visible. Make sure to rub and rinse the stones one more time than you think is necessary so you don't miss out on finding a really great gemstone.
  4. Spread your clean stones into one layer and look carefully for glints of green, red or purple. For Gold Panning, you will be looking for glints of gold dust as well as yellow tiny stones. Gem Valley staff will be available to show you examples of what you should look for because gold, garnets, and emeralds at this stage look nothing like the brilliantly cut gems you're used to seeing in jewelry stores. It might take a little practice to identify them, but once you've found a few you'll feel like a pro. The gems you find are yours to keep and can be made into all kinds of jewelry pieces by you or at Gem Valley's Gem Shop.

**Don't forget to wear clothes you can get dirty in, as well as remember to bring a flash light to help you look for color in your stones!**

The Flume     sifting for gold

Gem Identification

Visit this site for help in identifying your gems!

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